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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yummy Card Candy!

Hello! How is everyone today? Doing well, I hope! Today was a beautiful Fall day here! There was a slight chill in the air all day and now that the sun has gone down it is down right cool here! Love that! I just came in from my daily walk and it felt so nice to walk in the cool! The leaves are just starting to change color and it feels like pumpkin pie and apple crisp outside! LOL If that makes any sense! Also, got to wear my favorite big, baggy sweater! That always makes me feel cozy! :)

I wanted to share some photos with you today of a swap that I am participating in. I am only 1/3 or the way through but thought I would share! The swap theme is card candy. The way it works is that you sign up for a category and make several pieces of card candy to decorate either cards or scrapbook pages! The one I started with is Farm/Zoo animals and this is what I came up with:

These are each at least three layers! I stamped each image three times and cut and layered them for fun added dimension!

Ok, I have oodles of crafty goodness to get to tonight, but I wanted to stop by and say hello! Hope that you have a wonderful day! I will be back soonest! :)


Monday, September 28, 2009

Card Kits are so much fun! :)

Hello! Hello! Hello! How is everyone today? Doing wonderfully, I hope! I am! My oldest son came home last night and surprised us and things just feel right in my world with all my kiddos home together under one roof! He keeps making noises about missing my cooking and being happy to be here! I just love it when he visits! :) He moved out about 7 months ago and I miss him terribly. Anyways, it is super to have him home even if it is for a short visit!

Ok, I have a few cards to share with you today from a fun swap that I am participating in! It is a 6 month swap and works like this: Each month a different hostess sends out a card kit to everyone in her group. We all make 6 cards upon receiving these and then each send the finished cards out to each group member! I love the challenge it presents to make cards with these kits. Here are the two cards I made from the August and September kits:

Just love that Christmas Story leg lamp! :) The birds from the other cards turned into such a 'happy' looking card! I am really enjoying this swap! I apologize for the stinky photos, but it was pouring down rain when I took these and had to settle for indoor light.

I am off to make dinner and dessert! Hope that your Monday is a great one! :) Be back soonest!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Bags, tags and match-y match-y cards!

Hello! This is my second post of the day so be sure to scroll down! How are you?! Doing wonderful, I hope!

I just finished up a really fun swap called Matching Bags, Tags and Cards! I signed up for 3 spots! 5 bags, 5 cards and 5 tags times 3 spots equals a ton of bags, tags and cards! I did Christmas, Thinking of You and Birthday! Here they are:

Have a wonderful day! Be back soonest! :)


Boo to you!

Hello! sorry to be MIA yet again! I had such high hopes for the month of September, but it has been a rough month! My mom has been visiting from Alaska and that has been wonderful, but on our visit up north to see her mom we wound up having to call an ambulance for my Uncle. He spent 9 days in the ICU with a collapsed lung and pneumonia. He is home now and my mom has gone back home to Alaska, but it has been a nutty, stressful three weeks. I am very hopeful that things calm down some now though!

I have lots to share with you guys! Can you believe it is already the end of September?! Where in the world does the time go?! Halloween is right around the corner and then Thanksgiving and then before we know it we will be singing jingles and ringing in the new year!! I just finished up a Halloween swap and wanted to share it with you guys! I signed up for a spot in the recipe card section and the ABAC (Anything but a Card!) section! These are what I came up with! I love Halloween so these were a ton of fun to make! One is Hershey bar holder and the other a recipe for Witches Brew, a yummy punch! Hope you like them! :)

Have a wonderful day! I will be back soonest! :)


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wish you were here album!

Good morning! How are you today? I may have mentioned that my mom is here visiting from Alaska! It has been 3 years since she has been down for a visit! We are having a blast! Her hubby stayed behind to keep things at home running smoothly so my kids and I decided to make him a "Wish You Were Here" album to both journal mom's trip and to keep him included in the fun! We took his picture and mounted it and turned it into a flat traveler! This way he gets to be in pictures and go places with us! I am making a 6 x 6 album to hold all of the pictures and will send it back with my mom for him! I wanted to share the first three pages we made with you! This is the cover, the first page and the last page with a pocket to hold his picture! Hope he likes it!

Grampaw is spelled that way intentionally! That is the way he has spelled it since he adopted my kids! :) Sentimental! :)

This was a shot of my kids waiting for my mom at the airport! I took three of her coming down the hallway, but they were all too blurry to use!

We sprinkled each of the snowflakes with Dazzling Diamonds, but it is hard to see in the photo! Preeeeetty!

Ok, we are off to our home schooling meeting now! Have a great day! I will be back soonest!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sweet 16

Hello! How are you?! Hope everyone is doing well and that you had a great weekend! We had an amazing weekend! We went down to Georgia for Dragon Con! It was an absolute blast! There were tons of people running around in costumes and celebrities to rub elbows with! Lots of fun foods and guest speakers and fun things to see and do! It was really awesome! We are already making plans to go back next year! I will try to post some pictures from the weekend later! :)

Right now I thought I would share the invitation I made for my daughter's sweet 16 party with you! I wanted something cute and fun! I let her pick the colors and she went with Stampin Ups! new In Colors. I wasn't crazy about them at first, but they have really started to grow on me! I used the Z fold technique or stair step technique for this card! The base is 4 1/4" x 11" and is scored at 3 1/2", 5 1/2", 7 1/2" and 8 1/2". It folds up tiny and then expands! They were a big hit! Here it is:

I still have to unpack from the weekend, but I will be back soonest! :) Have a great day!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A tisket, a tasket...a fun little basket! : )

Good morning! :) It is a beautiful almost Fall day here! There is a slight crisp n the air this morning! I love that!

I have a fun little basket to share with you today! These are perfect for a last minute throw together gift! Score it, stamp it and fold it all up and then fill it full of chocolate and you are all set! You can make these from any size square. 8x8 is a cute size for a child or maybe a table decoration or party favor! This one is made from a 12x12 and will hold LOTS of chocolate (winky wink!!)! Score a tic tac toe pattern evenly on your square (for a 12x12 score at 4" in and then 8" flip and repeat). Then score each corner square diagonally from the outer corner into the center stopping at the center square. This will allow you to fold each outer corner in at the center! That is the basic design! Stamp, matte and embellish as you wish! These also make great teacher or coach gifts! They can be filled with tissues, cough drops, chap stick, word search puzzles etc also for a get well gift! :) The possibilities are endless! I know these directions are clear as mud so if you would like me to try to explain them further feel free to e mail and I will do my best!

Here is a side view and top view of my basket:

I have oodles to do today, so I am off! Hope that you have a wonderful day! I will be back soonest!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Flowers!

Hello there!! How are you today?! Doing wonderfully, I hope! I am sooooo excited today because my mom is here visiting me from Alaska!! Woo Hoo!!! It has been almost three years since she has been here! We have had a wonderful day together today! :)

I have some September flowers to share with you all today! I have seen so many of these cute, cute flower pot cards floating around, but have put off making them because I thought they would be super time consuming! Boy was I ever wrong! Not only are they fun (and quick!)to make, but they are really adorable! I made this one for my most recent and wonderful Not So Secret Sister Colleen! Hiya Colleen!! *waves like mad!*

If you haven't made one of these cuties I recommend that you do!! :) Here is the link to a great tutorial!

I am off to take my kiddos to gymnastics! Have a super day!

Be back soonest!