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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Full tummy and a happy heart!

We celebrated our third Thanksgiving today!  All of our kids were here and it was such a wonderful day!  The food was pretty darn good,  but the company was the best!  I just love spending time with my family. It is late,  so I will be brief.  Just wanted to stop by for a minute and say hello!  Thought I would share a picture of dinner after round one!

Have a great day!  I will be back soonest with more to share! 
Much love! 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving again!

Hello there! We celebrated our second Thanksgiving today and we had a wonderful time!  We go to my mom-in-law's house every year for Thanksgiving number two the day after Thanksgiving.  There is always a house full of folks and the food is always so yummy!  We get to visit with family that we only see a couple of times a year so it is always a treat!  Tonight was no exception!  I am feeling the love!

Isn't this the coolest picture?!  I took this on one of the adventures hubby and I took recently!

We have one more Thanksgiving to celebrate tomorrow!  Our own little immediate family all get together to have one final day of thanks-giving.  All of my kids will be home and together and I am soooooo excited! It is a full day with lots of cooking and lots of eating!   It is our first Thanksgiving with our new little grandpumpkin!  I am truly grateful for my family.  I am quite blessed.

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday has been full and warm.  Much, much love! 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I hope that you had a day full of family, fun, love and good food! We did and I am feeling especially grateful tonight.  I have a wonderful family and awesome kids and an amazing, wonderful, loving hubby! My heart is full.  :)

I wanted to stop by and share my project for today with you!

I made a few little turkey topped treat boxes today.  They were all filled with a little bit of chocolate love! They are made from one sheet of paper.  I stamped them with the Gently Falling leaves set and then added a punch art turkey.  

We have had a full day so I am off to watch a movie with hubby.  Have a wonderful day! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Phew! What a...!!  We have been working all day long in the addition today hanging sheet rock!  It is taking forever.  There still is not any heat out there so we are working in the ice cold bundled up like Eskimos!   Gotta do what you've gotta do, right?! :)  Sadly, I did not make it into my craft room today, but I thought I would share a few other pictures with you:

This is the room we were working in all day!  We managed to get the entire ceiling sheet rocked and almost all of one wall.

Here is a picture of the first piece of sheet rock we installed in the whole addition!  Pretty exciting stuff! :)


On a whole other fun note!!  Speaking of daughter found our very first egg today!  We didn't think any of our chickens would be laying eggs until the Spring, but she found this one in the chicken house this morning!  Too cool! 


Onto another first!!  Hubby and I gave our grand pumpkin her first real bath a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to post the pictures.  Here she is enjoying her first bath:

She is so cute I can barely stand it!

Hubby held onto her while I got her all clean!

She seemed to really enjoy her bath!

Sink full of adorable! LOL

This was taken right after when she was all snuggled up and sparkling clean!

Ok, well there you have it!  Our day full of firsts!  I do hope to be back in the craft room soon!  Until then.....have a super day!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Santa tag!

Hello to you! What a wet, gray and yucky day we have had here!  It has been cold and wet all day long.  Yuck!  We spent the whole day working in the addition though so we were able to avoid going out in it!  That is my silver lining! :)  I do have a quick, simple project to share with you. This is a 100% CASE from Pinterest, but I thought it was just so cute that it needed to be repeated!

It is a Santa tag!  Perfect for a gift or card or even a scrapbook page!

Sorry to post and run, but we are eyeball deep in insulation in the addition so I must get back out there! Hope you have a great day even if it is wet and rainy out!

I will be back soonest with more to share!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Don't forget!

Wanted to stop by and remind you about the awesome sale Stampin' Up! has going on right now!!  LOTS of stuff has been marked way down!  Now would be a great time to tackle your Christmas shopping or indulge in a few goodies for yourself!

Click here to peek at all of the goodies!  This sale only runs through December 2nd so be sure to check it out!  You can order from my online store and have it sent right to your door!  Happy shopping!

I will be back soonest with more to share!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Santa and Mrs. Claus mini album!

Hello!  I have the cutest little project to share with you guys today!!  I had my last stamp club of the year last night and I wanted the project to be a  bit different than what we normally do!  I searched and search for ideas and wound up compiling several things together to make a mini album!  Here is what we made:

We used the Top Note die to create Santa and Mrs. Claus faces.  These eventually became our album covers.

This is the front of the album.

This is the back!

Side view.  It has 6 pages to add pictures and journaling and other fun embellishments!

We went with the traditional red, green and brown colors.

These are pocket pages and have pull out tabs that pictures can be added to or fun little notes or card candy, fun, fun!!

More pages! I intentionally left the pages naked because I offered a challenge to my stamp girls!  I told them that anyone that took their albums home and finished them and prettied them up with pictures or journaling or more embellishments or whatever they wanted and brought them back to show me I would buy them a stamp pad color of their choice! :) Phew!  Say that three times real fast!! LOL  

Here is one of the pull out tags.  I told them that I thought they could tuck lots more tags into the pocket pages!  Lots of room in this album for lots of stuff!  My favorite kind!

If any of these little cuties were your original idea please let me know so I can give you full credit! :)

I cannot wait to see all of their finished albums!!  Hope they liked making them as much as I did! 

Ok, we are doing house addition stuff today so I must go get busy!!  Have a wonderful day! 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

I'll miss you!

Quick post because we are traveling again today!  Did I mention that I just love the beach?!   I am feeling a little blue to be leaving it today.   Thought I would share a couple more photos with you.  Took these this morning before we headed out.

Ok,  time for us to hit the road!  

 I will be back soonest with a 
cute project to share!  Have a great day! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

I freakin' love you!

Hello there!  I have a card to share with you today that I made for someone very special to me!  One of my kiddo's loves penguins and so she was the inspiration for this webbed foot, ice dwelling, fish eating little lady!  Take a look:

She is made from ovals and googly eyes!  She is wearing a cute bow from the Joyous Celebrations stamp set.  I stamped it and fussy cut it.  The tiny hearts are stamped from the Little Labels set and that funny sentiment is from Yippee Skippee.  My kiddo has a sarcastic streak a mile wide so this sentiment is a perfect fit for her!

My kiddo is starting an exciting new chapter in her life so I made her this silly little card to cheer her on!  I hope that looking at it makes her smile as much as making it for her made me smile!

Lots to do today so I am off!  Have a great day!  I will be back soonest with more to share!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bring on the beach!

Hello there!  Hubby and I had to run an errand this week that included us visiting one of my very favorite places in the whole wide world.   We spent the bulk of our day driving so I don't have anything crafty to share,  but I do have a couple of happy pictures I can show you!

These were taken from the patio of our hotel room. I absolutely love,  love,  love the beach.  There is just something so welcoming and calming about it! 

I will be back soonest with more to share.   Hope that you have a wonderful day! 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

OMGoodness!! OMGoodness!! OMGoodness!!

Hey there!!  Have you heard that Stampin' Up! is having a giant holiday sale?!!  I mean huge!!  Take a look at this:

There are so many fun things on sale!!  Click above to see all of them!  Stampin' Up decided that since everyone was so busy and probably shopping on line anyways that they would offer some cool specials too!

Be sure to check it all out!  The sale will run 13 days starting today!  You can shop in my on line store from that very link above if you see anything that you just cannot live without!   :)

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Paper Pumpkin LOOOOOOOOVE!

Hey there! Did you get your Paper Pumpkin yet this month?  I got mine in the mail today and sat down to make it as soon as I opened the box!!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this month's kit!!  It is a Christmas card kit that makes 4 adorable cards.  Look at this fun thing:

The stars are all sewn together to make chains and the stamps are going to come in really handy this holiday season!  I am soooo excited!!

Here is one of the completed cards.  The kit called for adding three rows of stars, but I decided to just add one for ease of mailing.  Plus I can use the extra's on another project!! :)

Here are all four cards together.  It only took me about 15 minutes to make them all!  The banners were pre-printed with the NOEL so I only had to stamp the sentiment and the star and then add the sewn stars.  Sometimes it is just really nice to be able to sit down and whip out a quick project!  Especially when it is as cute as this one! :)

Also, want to see another cute picture of our adorable grand pumpkin?  

She sincerely melts my heart! 

Ok, on that mushy note I am off to try to get something done today!  I will be back soonest with more to share!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Day with the grand pumpkin!

Hello!  Stopping by super quick to say hello!  I have nothing crafty to share today because I have been holding the grand pumpkin aaaaaaaallllll day long.   Her mom and dad are feeling a bit under the weather so I gave them the day off to rest and recuperate!  We snapped a photo of her this afternoon that I thought I would share so you had something pretty to look at today! :)

I will be back tomorrow with something crafty to share!  Have a great night!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wreath Class!

Hello!  It is so gray and dreary here today that all I want to do is to crawl under a floofy blanket to read and nurse a giant cup of tea!  I thought I would stop by for a visit though and share the wreath I made last night at my wreath class with you.

These are just the neatest projects!  They are fun to make and you can get so many cool looks by changing your paper!  This wreath requires a 12" Styrofoam wreath base, 6 pieces of 12 x 12  paper and a ba-zillion stick pins.  We played Christmas music and snacked on yummy cupcakes while we made our wreaths!

I used the Bow Big Shot die to make the bow.  I was going to load this one up with snowflakes and other embellishments, but decided to stop at the bow once I got it on.  I am always tempted to pile things on, but sometimes simple is best! 

I had so much fun making this! We decided during class that making all those paper curls was therapeutic!  Fun stuff!

Almost time for a new week!  Things are going to start getting pretty darn busy soon!  The holidays are right around the corner!!  Then the madness will begin. Are you ready?!  LOL

I will be back soonest with more to share!