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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thanks for noticing me!

Hello!  Happy weekend to you!  I have a quick post to share  today!  My gma has kept me hopping all day long so I have to be brief! LOL  I made another pocket letter last night for a sweet new friend!  She and I have really bonded and when she mentioned that she had a soft spot in her heart for Eeyore I knew this had to happen! LOL  

It is hard to see in the picture, but there is a ton of sparkle on this little guy!  I made his tail bow and tacked it to the very center!  I really, really wanted to dangle it from a  tail off the side, but I don't have any blue ribbon in my stash here and the paper version just wasn't as cute!  I hope she likes it! 

Ok, I am off!  Hope you have a nice day!  Thanks for stopping by and noticing me! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Life is like a box of chocolates...

Hello there!  Thank you so much to everyone for the great ideas on sprucing up my last post!  I got a ton of emails with some fabulous ideas!!  I love hearing other peoples creative ideas!

   I have a couple of pocket letters in the works and have been adding to them and working on them as time permits.  This one is finally finished so I thought I would share it!

It is kind of a hodge podge  of pink, floral and sparkle! LOL  It shimmers quite a bit in person!  The small butterflies are attached to the outside of the pockets and the wings are raised so it looks like they just kind of landed there!  Sure hope she likes it! 


Several folks have asked for an update on my gma. She is doing well!  She spends most of her days sitting in the sun in her sun porch.  Yesterday she calls me in and tells me there is some garbage in a box that I need to get rid of.  So I go to check out the box and there were 7 chocolates that she had taken a single bite out of and tossed in there.   *blink, blink, blink*  Guess she didn't care for those flavors?!  Guess when you are a minute away from being 98 you only eat the flavors you like!  Guess life is short and it is okay to appreciate all of the chocolate, but to spend your time really enjoying the ones you love!  

We are off to her dr's appt.  Wish us luck as it has become a major event to go on an outing! LOL

I hope that you have a good day and that you are able to bite into and truly enjoy life's best flavors!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hey there!  Hope all is well with you!  I am in the process of working on a pocket letter, but am stuck! LOL Thought I would share what I have so far though!  What do you think?  Any ideas where I can go from here?!

I did that fun embossing on the glossy paper again today!  I used 9 different folders and got 9 really different cool looks!  I really love working with the EFs!  The butterflies are double stacked with staple bodies!  I faux stitched on each of the gray strips for a little added something.  I think the details make the project!

I am going to keep thinking about this one!  It doesn't feel quite finished to me yet.  Let me know if you have any ideas!

Have a great day! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Be the difference

Hey there!  Quick post today!  It's been a busy day, but I wanted to share my latest pocket letter with you!  This idea popped into my head one night while I was laying in bed staring at the ceiling...not sleeping!  I hate nights like that!  Anyhow, I was so happy that it translated to paper as well as it came together in my head at 3am!  

It looks super simple, but I used 9 different EF's on this one!  I also used Glossy white paper and the embossing came out pretty darn cute on that paper!  I will definitely be using it again with the folders!

This one is all jazzy and bright and different!  The main pieces are raised off of the page using dimensionals and the pink paper shimmers with glitter (love that stuff!!).  This tiny little rectangle uses 8 different punches and is topped with a rhinestone!  Now to stuff in the goodies and pop this little guy in the mail!

Ok, back to my day!  Hope yours is a good one!  I'll be back soonest!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

So much fun!!

Hello!  Hope you are enjoying the weekend! I am back with more pocket letter love to share today!  I am loving this fun new hobby!  I have sent out over 42 letters already.  Yikes!!  I have met some really wonderful people too. I have received letters in return from Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Holland, Norway, and all over the United states!  Such good stuff!  I don't have a lot  of time today so I will keep the chitter chatter to a minimum!  Here is my latest pocket letter!  This one is going to Colorado!

Pink and flowery!  Hope the recipient is pleased!

I cut up a greeting card and nabbed the flowers from it for this one!

I love this quote by the late, great Audrey Hepburn!

More borrowed flowers!  I fussy cut and attached these beauties to the outside! I also added Dazzling Details all over the flowers!  It really made for a very nice sparkle and simmer!!

This was a full circle on the card, but I cut it down to fit into the pocket sleeve.

Isn't that the truth?!  Happy is a way of life! 

Ok, I am off!  Enjoy your day and I will be back soonest for another visit!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A walk will do wonders!

Hello!  How are you today?  Be's post is a non-crafty one, so I will understand completely if you would like to duck out now and pop back in tomorrow for something covered in glue and sparkle! LOL I have been busy up to the eyeballs caring for my gma lately.  Away from home, away from my hubby and kids (although they visit when they can!) away from my friends, and away from my normal day to day life.  I came here not knowing how long I would be here.  I accepted that when I packed up and headed this way.  It has been 7 months now.  I have watched my grandmother winding down slowly.  She has become such a different person than the one I knew growing up.  She is even completely different than she was when I got here.  It is quite a challenge some days being her only care provider.  Seems that every day there is a new little something that we are figuring out how to deal with.  Some days her mind is very sharp and she is on top of every little thing, but other days she struggles to remember details.  Those days are becoming more the norm for us.  We even had a day last week when she asked me who I was.  The mind works in such crazy, bizarre ways and it is tough to watch her fading slowly away from the person that she once was. I am from a very small family and I feel strongly that family is the most important thing.  I cannot tell you how many people keep telling me how "good" I am to be here doing this for her, but to me it just feels like the right thing to do.  It's been the most challenging, frustrating, exhausting, demanding, amazing, wonderful, important thing ever, but it's the right thing to do.   I know that I am fortunate to have this time with her and I try not to take any of it for granted, but I must confess that I am really missing home!  Since I have been here there have been 3 very special people up here that have helped me out.  Two of them were friends of my Uncle's (my gma's son) and adopted my gma after he passed away and one is a friend of her's from church.  All three of them stop by at least once a week and visit her and check in on me!  They are all three amazing people and I am unbelievably grateful for them all!  Today one of them stopped by unannounced and threw me out!!  She told me she was here to sit with my gma so I could get out for a while. She offered me her car, but I declined settling for a nice long walk instead!!  What a wonderful mental health break it was too!  I snapped a few pics while I was out and thought I would share those with you!

I have one more picture to share today!  This one shows a glimpse of my gma's true personality!  

If you made it this far, I thank you for hanging in til the end!  I will be back soonest with something of a more craft-y nature to share! Happy Saturday and I hope you enjoy the weekend!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Say what?! A card?!

Hi there!  A card!!  I made a card! Can you believe it?!  It has been so long since I've made one that I was beginning to think I might have forgotten how! Funny, how it comes right back to you! LOL

Since I have been away from home my stamping buddies have been wonderful about keeping my spirits up! They e mail and text and send me fun little goodies in the mail! They have gone out of their way to keep me included in the going's on of our stamp group!  I have met and made some really amazing friends because of stamping!!  I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful group of ladies in my life!  Big, big hug guys!! My most recent goody package came from one of those good buddies (Hiya Kavi!).  I needed a card this morning, so I raided her fun package and put this one together:

So bright and cheery!  I just love this paper and the new Stampin Up! Butterfly framelits are just gorgeous!!  Sadly, they are on back order right now because of the dock issues in California.  It's a big mess!

Close up of that beautiful butterfly! :)

Any fun plans for the weekend?  I think I'll do some crafting! ;)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rainy days!

Hello!  Is it raining where you are?  It sure is gray and gloomy here!  I have another pocket letter to share with you today!  It's full of pink so maybe it will help to brighten things up some!  I know it made me feel much cheerier to create it! :)

My new pal requested pink and Vintage so I dug through my stash and came up with this!

Here are a couple of the pockets I made!  This one is my favorite!

These tags slide out of the middle of this pocket.  I really wanted them to be a part of the front of the design, but didn't want to cover up this picture.

Bingo anyone?!

This one just looks so feminine (and vintage-y pink!).  I added a little paper clip for her planner.

Another pretty flower and removable  paper clip.  These little  paper clips are so much fun to make!

Lots of little details in this one!

Sorry about the fuzzy shot.  Light is terrible because it is so overcast out.

Tag to dangle from the side! You cannot see it in the photo, but there is lots of shimmer and sparkle on those flowers! :)

Hope the sun manages to make an appearance where you are today!   Have a wonderful day!  I will be back soonest with more to share!

Monday, April 6, 2015

More pocket letter love!

Hey there!  Happy Monday to you!  Hope that you had a nice weekend!  I have another pocket letter to share with you today! This one's theme is girly! LOL  That was all my new pocket pal gave me to go on so I just tried to pink it up!  

That's quite a lot of pink!  LOL  Pink is just such a happy color!  Hope she likes it!

Hello pocket! Did some layering and tried to set the theme for the whole page with this one.

Popped the second layer of flowers up on this pocket.  I try to stay away from too much dimension, because it adds bulk and makes mailing trickier.  Couldn't resist here though!  It needed a little lift! 

Love, love, love polka dots!!

Butterflies add whimsy, so  I thought they would be a fun little addition!  Plus look at that sparkle! 

Little charm for the corner!  Adds an element of fun when things dangle and move around on their own!  Again, this is detachable if my pal would like to use it elsewhere.

This one practically created itself!  I am loving this project!!

Hope that you have a good day!  I will be back soonest with more to share!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Hello and happy Easter to you!  Thought I would share a quick pic of my gma.  Her buddy brought her some pretty Easter flowers and a chocolate bar bigger than her whole head!!  She is a pretty happy girl right now!

Isn't she the cutest?!

Happy, Happy Easter to you!  I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of fun and good times! 

I will be back soonest with more to share!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Da da da dummmm dummm...

Hiya!  Any Pink Panther fans out there?!  I adore this cool pink kitty!  Thought it would be fun to create a Pink Panther themed pocket letter and when I posted it the response about knocked my socks off!!  I wound up making two for sweet, new pals! Want to see how they turned out?

Pink fun!!

This is the second one.  I added some clips and a pink panther on the outside of the sleeve protector.  Added a little pink with attitude washi tape and tied on a removable pink paw print tag!  Lots of  snazzy little details!

Isn't he just too cool?!  He tickles me pink!  (Ba dum dum!!)  Sorry!  Couldn't resist!!

Another pocket!

My new life motto!

Ended with this sweet face!  I try to add the date I completed them to every pocket letter I create.

Ok, that is it for today!  Hope that you are having a nice weekend!  I will be back soonest with more to share!


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