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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Quick post!

Hello!  I have just enough time to make a super, duper quick post today!  I thought I'd share a tag and another doll that I made recently with you!  This first doll is our Doll of the Week over on our group page.  Her name is Little Girl and she is just the sweetest!

Is she not adorable!??  I just love her chubby little legs!  I recently invested in some pencils and am playing around some with shading!  Fun stuff!  The cute buttons (which I am just crazy about!!) were a gift from a very sweet friend!  

Here is the tag she wound up on!  It has lots of bits and pieces from my scrap piles!  It is bright and happy and sparkles all over the place! :)

The butterflies have staple bodies and I added some faux stitching around the tag edges.  The doll is popped up on dimensionals.  This little guy came together pretty quickly!  Sometimes those are the very  best projects! :)

Here is another doll I worked on this weekend:

This is Candie!  She borrowed the fun hat from a friend!

I added some minor shading and gave her shoes some highlights using a white gel pen.  I made her a dainty little flower for her dress out of punches.  As I say so often, I think it's the little details that really make the project! 

Ok, my free time is up!  LOL  I hope that you have a wonderful day!  I will be back  soonest with more to share!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Aurora...princess of the ball!

Hello there!!  I had a few free minutes this morning while my gma is still snoozing away, so I thought I would stop in and share a few dolls with you that I created this week! I belong to a really fun group that makes and swaps these dolls.   Each week there is a featured "Doll of the Week!" and this past week's doll was chosen by yours truly! :)  I chose Aurora because I happen to be very fond of the name since she shares it with my grand pumpkin!  Anyhow, here are a few of the cuties I put  together:

She's dressed to the nine's in her fancy ball gown!!  If I had a dress like this I would wear it all the time!!  Even around the house while I was doing laundry! *big grin!*

Here's a side view. Sadly the picture doesn't show it, but her dress is covered in sparkle!  I added a hundred million tiny little glitter dots to it!

It shows a bit better here!  This doll is the one I used yesterday in the shadow box  tutorial. :)

Changing her 'clothes' by simply trading out the designer paper changes the whole look of the doll!  Here she also has a different colored crown and hair.

Lots more glitter!  I also added some shading to the dress to add some dimension. It's amazing how such little things can add so much!  It's all about the details!

She's really a beautiful doll stamp! :)

One more!!  She is ready for the ball in her classic looking green gown!

I added doilies under all of her skirt layers to soften up the dress.  Fun, fun stuff! :)

Ok, my free time is up!  Hope that you have a good day!  I will be back soonest with more to share!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Shadow box fun and a tut!

Hello there! How are you today?!  Doing well, I hope!!   I've been having the best time lately with my new Julie Nutting Prima doll stamps!!  They are just so much fun to create with!  It's just like playing paper dolls and who wouldn't love that?!  I made a fun little project using one of the dolls and I thought I would stop by and share it and the how to's with you guys!  Take a look:

This is the finished project!  The cool thing about this is that the shadow bow frame is made entirely from paper!  Want to make one?!!  Here's how:

You're going to need  4 pieces of paper cut into these dimensions.  These will make up the exterior pieces of your frame.  You can use any color you would like.  I went with black here to go  for that printers tray/shadow box look.

You will need a backing piece.

You will need 4 of these little cuties to finish off your frame once assembled!

Next you will need to choose a piece of designer series paper for the background of your project.

You will need to score all 4 of your frame pieces every 1/2" lengthwise.  I added little white tick marks above to show you where to score.

After you have scored all four pieces you will need to add adhesive to the top piece of each one (all four!)  I used Scor-Tape here, but you can use double sided tape or the adhesive of your choice.  After you have done this you will want to fold each piece on each score line creating a tube shape.  Crease each line good with a bone folder to get a nice clean look.

Adhere each one together once you have folded it into this shape.

They should look like this now!

Add adhesive to your backing piece on all four sides.

Adhere your background piece down centering it on your backing piece.

Remove all of the scor-tape paper exposing the sticky.

Time to start building the frame!  Add one of the longer tubes to the top making sure that your ends and the top match up perfectly.

Next add one of the smaller tubes to the side butting it tightly against the first tube.

Continue working around the frame like this!  

Ok, now that the frame pieces are in place you will want to encourage them to meet up so they look connected.  To do this take your 4 tiny strips and fold each one in the center creating an "L" shape.  Add adhesive to the inside of each one and adhere them snuggly in place holding the frame together.  This also covers the holes in the tube ends!

Now decorate the inside however you would like!!  The possibilities are endless!

Side view!

Close up!

I would love to see your creations!!

 Ok, I have a very full day ahead of me so I must scoot!  Hope you have a wonderful day! I  will be back soonest with more to share! :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Another doll turned project and some fellas!

Hello there!  Hope you are doing well!  I have some more doll stamped projects to share with you today.  I recently found myself in need of a way to keep up with and organize my crafty to do's.  I was keeping a running list, but decided I wanted to jazz it up a bit, so...

I made one of these little ladies!  This is Chiara.  I think she is kind of sassy with that pose! 

I adhered her to the front of this little notebook along with some extras and viola'!  Now I have a cute place to keep up with my crafty to do's!  We all know that a cute notebook of lists is much more likely to get done than a boring, old plain one, right?! ;)


This is Aiden!  He is one of the boys in this line of stamps! He reminds me of one of my sons!  I have picked out and purchased a stamp that reminds me of each of my kiddo's with a very specific project in mind! More about that though on another day!

This is Biker Mike (also known as Adam!).  He reminds me of my other son! I needed a biker doll for a friend recently, so I turned Adam and his business suit into a jeans wearing, leather jacket wearing cool biker dude!  

I liked him so well that I made another and put him on an ATC for another sweet friend! 

There are several more boys in this line and oodles more of the ladies!!  I haven't even inked all of them up yet, but will be sure to share as I do!

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dollies, dollies everywhere!

Hi there!  Hope you are enjoying your weekend!  I had a few free minutes this morning and so I thought I'd stop by and share a few more dolls with you!  These fun things are very addictive to make!

This is Betty.  I'm sure you noticed right away that she has a face!  As I have mentioned before it really bothered me initially that these dolls had no faces, but then the more I played with them the more they grew on me (face-less!).  I did try out a face on this one, but I am really thinking I like them better faceless.  Lots of people stamp them on text paper so that there is writing on their faces for some texture, but I prefer them texture-less also! What do you think?  Faces or face-less?  Text or text-less?!

This is Abby!  She absolutely melted my heart! She is a bit of a different  style than the others.  She is a little larger and less grown up.  She was really fun to make clothes for!

Here she is in all blue!  I made this one for a fellow-ette doll enthusiast! 

This is Guilia!  She was also a lot of fun to create!  She is full of personality, but a little less fru fru than some of the other dolls! 

Thanks for taking the time to stop by!  It's always nice to visit with you!  I will be back soonest with more to share!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Annnnnd more dolls!

Hello there!  I  have a few more dolls to share with you today, but these have been turned into projects!  take a look:

This started out as a standard Composition notebook and I covered it and turned it into this:

This doll is Candie and she just dressed the plain ole' book right up! 

I added some dimension by layering pieces of her dress.  Fun little project!

This doll  stamp is named Adera!  I won her in a contest from a previous project that I made!  I was tickled to receive her and inked her up right away!  

She wound up making her way to a couple of tags!

I just love her little sprig of hair! LOL

This tag is made with Abby.  The wings are an accessory!  Sooo cute!

Here's a side view.  Lots of dimension on this card to add visual interest. I added a paper doily and some wooden accents.  Lots of shimmer and sparkle too! It made a giant tag!

Ok, that's it for today!  Hope you are enjoying seeing these dolls as much as I have enjoyed sharing them.  Have a wonderful day and I will be back soonest!


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