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Monday, March 16, 2015

Eating is such a fun thing!

   Hello! So I have always enjoyed eating!  I mean just really, really loved it!  I love food.  I love the social aspect wrapped around it. I love dessert (I really love dessert!).  Being here with my gma I have discovered exactly where that love of food comes from!  That tiny little woman can put away some food!!  She loves to eat and she thinks that no meal is complete without dessert to finish it off!  She has chocolate peanut butter on her waffle at breakfast, cookies with her lunch every day, a cup of m&m's after her 4:30 potato chip snack and then dessert after dinner every night!  My initial response upon getting here and seeing that was to fuss, but then after thinking about it and deciding that the sugar is what has actually preserved her so well (she is 97!!) that maybe, just maybe there was something to that whole dessert thing!  So, what did I do?!  I joined her for dessert, of course! LOL  I have some more pictures to share with you today!

Here she is enjoying her breakfast!

Lunch is one of her three favorite meals a day!

Funny story!!  She LOVES these funny giant goldfish crackers, but only the bacon flavored kind!  Well the stores here stopped carrying them, so my amazing hubby went online and ordered her a lifetime supply of the gargantuan sized bags!! 14 of them! LOL  He is such a keeper! :)

Here she is enjoying a brownie which started out  practically as big as her head!  The chocolate-y-er the better! :)

Every good brownie needs a milk chaser!

One happy gma!

I really like this picture!  I think hands tell such important stories!  What do your hands say about you?

A gma funny for you! She loves Johnny Cash and so I You Tubed the JC song I Walk the Line for her one day. She loved it!  She tapped her foot and snapped her fingers! Sang along and she must have asked me to play that thing over 20 times!  Later that day she started walking circles around the dinning room table and singing "I walk the circle!" She's so funny!

Ok, I am off!  I will be back tomorrow with something more craft related to share!   Have a great day!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Family fills my heart!

     Hello there!  Nice to see you again!  Ever feel like the luckiest person in the world?   I feel that way on a pretty regular basis.  Just so happens I have the most wonderful hubby and kids ever!!  Since I have been a bazillion miles away from home my husband has been an honest to goodness saint!  He has driven back and fourth countless numbers of times (9 hour trip one way).  He has grocery shopped for me when I couldn't leave my gma alone. He has helped out with my gma whenever I needed it (which has been quite often...have I mentioned that she is a very busy little thing?!)!  He sends me little goodies in the mail to keep my spirits up!  The list just goes on and on and on...he has definitely taken that "For better or for worse" clause and shown it who is boss!   My kids have also been wonderful about keeping in touch, sending me photos, visiting with me when they can and just understanding that this is something I have to do!  I miss them all so much when we are apart.  Thought I would share some more photos with you today!  They are pretty random, but that kind of describes my life over the last 6 months!

 My very handsome hubby and I! 25 years later and he still makes me swoon and my heart pitter-patter!

This one was taken on one of my girl's visits up here. It was sooooo cold out that day!

My youngest daughter and my hubby!

My beautiful girls!

I tried to get out of the house for a walk every day when I first arrived and took the next several shots on some of my walks.  My gma requires much more attention now though so I haven't been able to adventure out.

She lives across the street from this!

It is very pretty here!

Marina just down the road!

Fall in New England is pretty darn beautiful!

This was taken on Thanksgiving of my Gma and long time friend Jim.

Thanksgiving goodies!

I took this picture early one morning when the season's first snow fell. I was excited to see snow!

This is a picture of the sixth or seventh snow!  It became much less fun as time went on! LOL  

Another snowy day!  There has been a lot of shoveling in my winter this year!

This is my goofball gma in her Christmas hat!  

Here we are in March and she has slowed down quite a bit.  She still manages to sneak in a few funnies here and there though!  Tonight she took out her hearing aids and told me, "I'll take these out now, but then you can't hear me!" LOL  She also really enjoys flirting with my hubby!  She likes to give him a hard time and he picks right back at her!  He is such a wonderful guy!  Did I happen to mention how lucky I am?!

Have a wonderful day!  I will be back tomorrow with a few more pictures and then I will start sharing something a little craftier with you again!