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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Switching gears...!

Hey there!  Remember me?!  I know that it has been a while since I have posted anything. 

With both the swirl of a heavy heart and an equal swoosh of excitement I am saying goodbye to this blog.  It has seen me though some pretty amazing times and also some pretty tough ones.  It has been my sounding board, my confidant and my collection place for goofball words, thoughts, pictures and creations for many years!   It is, however, time to move on.  I am not done blogging though by any means!  In fact, I am starting over fresh!  I am going on a new adventure and would love it if you would join me! 

 I have been doing a lot of soul searching and what hopefully is some pretty exciting forward thinking!  I took a long, hard look at where I was, what I was doing and how I was spending my time.  I was feeling pretty unhappy and very stagnant where I was.  I am a crafter, a creator, a maker...I always have been.  I am happiest when I am creating something.  It speaks to my soul, it expresses my deepest thoughts and feelings and it explains without any formal explanation just who I am. I have spent a long time now playing with paper and stamps!  I am by definition a card maker and stamper. It is kind of the category I have fallen into. There is just something magical about applying an image to ink and then to paper.  You can create a whole scene or a simple single image.  You can tell a story, or inspire someone's imagination to fill in their own thoughts! You can express a sentiment, you can share in someone's sadness or joy!  You can brighten someone's whole day!  All of these things by simply applying ink to paper and sharing that. I love stamping. I love card making, but lately it has felt like something is missing. 

 Once upon a time...a loooong time ago I was a scrapbooker. It's probably where my love of paper crafting established it's roots!  I started scrapbooking because I wanted to capture, record and document all the details that I knew would be forgotten through the years.  I started off strong!  I had one child and clicked photo after photo and plopped them into albums!  Then had another child and then another and then a fourth!  With each child time became more scarce and the scrapbooking got gently pushed aside. Very familiar story, yes?   Well, here I am a few (*cough, cough!*) years later with a little more free time on my hands and what has turned into a seriously strong desire to break out all of those scrapbooks and boxes and piles of photos! I want to get those stories on paper and I want those pictures to be beautifully displayed!  I want it all to be documented, because it is so incredibly important to tell and share and remember those stories!!  I am on a mission to do exactly that!  I am about to dive wholeheartedly into scrapbooking!  I plan to share my adventures and would love it if you would follow along, but more importantly I want to encourage you to get out your supplies (or invest in some!) and take this journey with me!  Let's get our stories on paper! Let's compile our photos and pretty them up!  Let's document our time here with the people that we love so very much!  Let's create something to leave with our children to let them know how amazing we think they are!

Here is the link to my new blog:

I would love for you to visit and follow along and scrap right along side of me!  See you there! :)

I will no longer be selling Stampin' Up! I still love their amazing products and will most definitely continue to use them, but it is time for me to move on.    

If you have made it this far in the post I want to thank you!  Thank you for being a faithful reader, a fellow crafter and an all around good friend!  Very much love to you!

Time to get Scrapping! 

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