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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Soooo blue! : (

I am soooo sorry that I did not post yesterday, but it was one of those days. First we were without computer access all day....grrrrr! Then something terrible happened. Not someone was hurt kind of terrible, but the kind of terrible that makes you want to just sit down and cry. We live in the country. Right smack in the middle of the woods...literally! We are surrounded by woods and have an amazing view of the Blue Ridge Mountains! I love our woody perimeter!! It feels so safe and cozy to me! Well I found out the other day that our neighbor has decided to sell his timber. What does that mean to me?! Well his property butts up to ours. Sniffles! : ( That means that I have no say in what was about to happen. So the bulldozer showed up (on our land because that was the only way they could get to his timber) and just started dropping trees. They tore up the ground and cleared a giant path where the tress used to be. I know they are just trees and they will grow back, but it totally dinked with the aesthetics of our view. More sniffles. The worst part is that the person that said neighbor hired to cut down all of these trees is family (one of our favorite people in the whole world.) Sigh! I cannot even be upset with him because he was just doing his job. Anyhow the road crew people showed up right before the bulldozer and they posted this sign (picture #1) in my driveway?!!! We are at the top of an almost mile long driveway and it wasn't like there was going to be any traffic?! How assanign is that?! Picture #2 shows the newly created gap of no tress where there used to be a wall of trees and picture #3 is of the mess they made getting to the timber. Anyhow, it bummed me out and I never made it to my stamp table. I suppose tomorrow is another day. Thanks for listening to me whine. I will be back soon with something creative to post.

Have a nice night.


Bouncy, Flouncy, Fun,Fun, Fun said...

Hi AM,

This would make me sad too! Sorry your neighbors did this to your view. Hope your property soon recovers from all the damage they left.

Stampin hugs, Becky:)

~Michelle~ said...

oh, this just stinks for you....I live in a small town and when the power company came an were either going to totally wreck my tree or chop it down we told them to take it.....I think a mangled tree would make me sicker than no tree!
Hugs to you!!!

Catherine said...

I'd be crying, too! I love the woods and mountains (more looking at than scaling), so I can only imagine how upset I'd be. Big hugs to you!