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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anybody Facebook?!

I dabble a little in Facebook! I have found several old high school friends and find it to be a fun networking thing! My mom and I even exchange wall messages! LOL Recently one of my high school buddies (my true BFF!!) posted a couple of pictures that made me laugh out loud! She and I were inseparable during my junior and senior year! We did drama together and she practically lived at my house! It was about a 20 minute walk from her house to mine and we would meet in the middle on a back path and laugh and gossip and giggle the whole time! We spent so many nights talking and laughing! We were both Navy brats and bonded immediately due to common interests! I was soooo lucky to have her! She was the world's most wonderful confidant and friend! We still keep in touch all these years later and I miss her terribly! Anyhow, she posted a picture on her Facebook page of a drawing she did of me from our high school days and I wanted to share! She is an amazing artist!! Here is a picture of she and I about 100 years ago and her drawing!

Kelly, you are the best and I miss you lots!!!

If anyone would like to come visit me on facebook I am there! Just send me a friend invite!


Sandy O said...

Hi Ann Marie, WOW, finding an old BFF on facebook...that is so exciting. Now you can make new memories, LOL. I have no idea how to use those new sites. It took me forever to figure out yahoo, LOL.

I wanted to thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I truly missed it and am having so much fun this time around :o)

Though I may not facebook, I will certainly be visiting your blog often, LOL
Sandy O

Kelly said...

Ah, you are the best. Truly and really.