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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lots to share!! Part two!!

Hello! This is part two of a really lengthy post! LOL Feel free to just read this one and scroll on down though! : )

I wanted to share a little bit of a giant project we have going on with my home school group! If you are new around here I co-run a home school support group and we are always doing something new and fun! Well our latest adventure is marionette making! We took in enough supplies to put Santa's workshop to shame and spread everyhting out and set he kids free to go wild! They each got to choose what type of marionette they wanted to create and we helped them to make the skeleton and then let them each do their own thing! We had requests for everything form a ferret to a sugar glider to a punk rock hippie chick! We made the bodies from a block of wood and cloth filled tubes for the arms and legs! We filled the tubes with beans and tied them off at the joints! Some of our kids opted to write plays for our new marionette friends rather than making the puppets! It was such a fun day! They all have two weeks to take them home and add the finishing touches! We will be performing the play at the end of those two weeks! The way these kids mind's work amazes me! They are all so smart and creative! I will be sure to share some more photo's of the finished project, but these are from Day #1!

These are going to be so awesome when they are all done! : )

Ok, I have lots more to share, but today we are moving my son into his first apartment so I have to run! I will be back soon!

Have a wonderful day! : )



MollyD said...

Looks like it was fun and busy!!

~Michelle~ said...

I love your letter of the word swap cute!!