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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

You lift me up!

    Well, hello there!  It's been a while!  In fact, it's been way too long! I seem to be at one of those wacky pivotal places in my life and I've kind of been all over the place.  I am always running around busy, busy, busy, but at the end of each day I find myself questioning what I actually accomplished. Ever been there?!  We have lots going on in our lives right now!  There are some really wonderful things happening!  I am watching my amazing children grow into their own people and navigate the world on their own terms.  We have gorgeous (and I do mean GORGEOUS!!) grand babies in our lives that just gush happiness and give me the warm and fuzzies on the daily!  We are in the middle of a very large renovation project with our home and hubby and I are working better as a team now than we ever have. However, there are also some challenging things going on in our lives that require a lot of our mental, physical and emotional energy.  As a result, recently, I often feel myself feeling spread much too thin; like too little butter over dry toast.  I suppose life is just like that though!  I'm really not fussing or complaining!   I am a happy person by nature and I sincerely feel very fortunate every single day for the wonderful life I have. :)  I have been struggling a bit lately though.  I have fallen hard off the creative band wagon and I am finding it difficult to squeeze everything into my day anymore. Sadly, that is often an area that gets shoved to the bottom of my to do list.  In thinking about all things life related  I have decided I really, really miss it! It is such good therapy to create!!  I am creative by nature and am happiest when I am messy in colors and mediums up to my eyeballs! Ink on my fingers...oh yeah!!  Paint on my clothes...bring it!!  Glitter on my face...happiest when I sparkle!!  So,  I have decided that I need to get back to creating more regularly as a mental health boost, a positive shot of vitamin creativity,  and quite frankly just a little bit of good ole' me time!!  If you have made it to the bottom of my lengthy diatribe, I thank you for listening!  On to a little something I put together in my craft room today and the real reason you stop by!

   A friend asked me last night if I could help her figure out the how to's behind a card she saw on line.  I looked for a quick tut, but was unable to find one.  So, I pulled out some scrap paper and played until I figured out the fiddly details!  Here is the card I made which is air born (no pun intended *giggles!) and on its way to her as I type!

This card uses a piece of card stock 5 1/2" x 10 1/4" as a base.

You score @1 3/4" and 6" and fold both pieces inward.

Decorate both panels and viola!  It leaves the inside blank and ready for your message!

This is a quick fun card to make! :)  

Here are the details (everything links back to my online store if you see anything you must have!):

Product List

I hope that you have a wonderful day!  I will see you soon! :)

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