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Saturday, May 10, 2008

I am feeling like such a neglectful blogger!!

My poor sad blog! It seems that I am averaging only a post or two a week! I have just had such a busy, crazy and full schedule this month! I have about 12 different to do list going at once! My home school group is gearing up for our graduation/prom. My son is one of the graduating seniors! In the next couple of weeks I have two baby shower's to host, a yearbook to put together, an out of town graduation to attend, an art marathon to put together and several other smaller home school functions! My days are planned almost down to the minute to try to squeeze everything in! LOL I am feeling guilty about my neglected blog though, so I thought I would stop by and leave a little poem!

Oh poor blog! As you sit neglected
not getting the attention you expected
Getting bored and collecting cyber dust
Please understand my to do list is a must
I tried to post three times today
but that darn list kept getting in the way!
You see I am so busy with life
because I am a mother and wife
Laundry, dishes and cleaning house
no time left for that computer mouse!
I create and stamp and photograph
but finding the time to post just makes me laugh
Maybe one day things will settle down
I'll have the time to play around
Until then I will post when I can
Know full well it is part of my plan
Number 27 on my to do list
Please know however that you are missed!

LOL There is my Ode to my blog! I really do love blogging and plan to become much more faithful to it after the next few crazy weeks! Until then thank you for your patience! : )

Big hug!


Crissy said...

Your poem is awesome! And so true for most of us I belive. I haven't been posting and commenting very much at all lately.

Marilyn said...

I am so with you Ann Marie!! Can life get any crazier? Sometimes you wonder - at least I know I'm not in the boat alone - there are other people out there with many things on their to do list too!! Good luck with all you have to do!! The poem does say it all!! LOL!

Bonnie said...

That poem is so true! I have a hard time posting- but a great time surfing!

Betsy said...

great poem...when I ever get to post again, I'll be adding a link to this!