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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Warning!! Warning!! Major vent about to take place!!

Hello!! We made it home safe and sound and my life has been a total whirlwind since we got home! : )

My planner this month has been so full that just thinking about it makes me a little dizzy! I have had stuff scheduled every day and it feels like there are just not enough hours in a day! **Beep, beep, beep!! Disclaimer: This may sound like a giant complaint, but actually it isn't! : ) I prefer to be busy! I try to be a do-er and boy am I doing this month! LOL This is more of a gentle unloading of stress upon you, my new blogg-y friends! (Hey! Thanks for listening by the way!)

The biggest to do on my list, the icing on the cake is coming together this weekend! My oldest son is graduating high school! Sounds simple enough, I know! However, because we home school that makes graduation 'my' function! I am the teacher, principle, guidance counselor, career counselor etc... I co-run our communities Home School support group and in addition to my son we have three other graduates! We have been scheming and planning and making and doing for our own HS graduation all month long! There will be a graduation ceremony followed by a dinner followed by a prom! We are expecting approximately 100 guests! We have 25 teens that will be attending prom this year and they have chosen Masquerade Ball as their theme! So, giant masks...check! Huge banners...check! Music, balloons, table centerpieces, food, food, food...check, check, check! I will be putting the final touches on decorations today and hope to get everything done before our weekend deadline! I still have a to do list for today and tomorrow as long as I am tall though (which includes finding something to wear!)! I am starting to feel a little pressure! LOL Then on top of everything, my youngest son is sick! He started to feel bad Sunday night. I think it is a sinus infection, but after a very early morning trip to the doctor (an hour away!) he has been diagnosed with a virus that 'needs to just run it's course'. Sigh! There is NOTHING worse than when your kiddo looks at you with those eyes that say pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase make this go away and all you can do is try to keep him cool and comfortable. His fever was 104 Tuesday night. Poor little guy!

Ok, so if you managed to make it through all of this dribble...thank you! Thank you for listening to me vent! Big cheesy grin! : ) Saturday is the big day! Think me some happy, good luck vibes if you would and wish them my way!

I promise to become a more regular blogger once May is behind me and June is here!

I have included some photo's of the graduation announcements I made for my son with the RSVP card. I used black 12 X 12 paper and silver embossed the hat and tassel and swirls! I used a silver pen to outline the rectangle on the front. This was my proto type and the pen smeared a little bit. I folded a flap up on the inside to make a pocket to hold the RSVP card and directions. I silver embossed inside and on the front of the RSVP card! These were so much fun to make! I added a little sparkle to each one and Viola'! Hope you like them!

More from me soon! : )


Mel M. M. M. said...

WOW! You are Super Mom; you are one BUSY lady! I think my head would blow up if my agenda was that packed, lol. :0) I love your grad projects. They're so classy & the bling is just right.

mommy magallanes said...

Wow! You have a lot to do! Good luck. I hope that the graduation and prom goes smoothly. The graduation RSVPs look really cute. They're elegant.

Catherine said...

Maybe I need to send you the Super Mom card! Good luck with everything!
The graduation stuff is gorgeous! You should be very proud!

~Michelle~ said...

great job on the graduation what you've done!
Good luck making it to June!! ;)

Crissy said...

Amazing graduation invitation, so elegant.

Expressions of a Creative Mind said...

WOW! Those are really nice