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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My fur baby and a little rant!

Ok, so we have this dog...! We have 5 dogs actually! (We are animal people!) I know you are not supposed to pick favorites between your kids, but one of our dogs happens to be a favorite for both hubby and I! Her name is Zoe. She is the biggest pain in the tushie ever! She is by far one of the strangest animals we have ever adopted into our family! This dog has two modes...sound absolutely asleep and full out, wide open major spazoid!! She is either sound asleep or bouncing and racing in circles!! She is the biggest baby ever! We suspect she has Jack Russell in her along with Dalmation! We adopted her when she was just a few months old and she has wagged her way into our hearts! She is the biggest baby ever! She sucks her own paw to go to sleep and her favorite toy is a roll of masking tape! (not just our tape either...she steals tape from our neighbors!!!) She is a very sweet baby though! Big chocolate brown eyes and a pink belly with big black polka dots! I joke with hubby that every time she gets into trouble that she grows a new spot...she has become very spotty! LOL

Anyhow...about a week ago we noticed a lump under her chin. It swelled up and then decreased in size so we though maybe it was a bee sting. Then when we came home Sunday night after being away for the weekend it was back and was the size of a golf ball and very hard. So, needless to say I took her to the vet yesterday afternoon and the vet we saw was awful!!! She had the worst bed side manner of any vet I have ever met! While examining Zoe she hurt her and so Zoe reared up and tried to get away from her and she yelled for her nurse to get a muzzle. She told me that since she was aggressive and tried to bite both her and her aide in the face that she would have to be muzzled. She NEVER even snapped at them!! She was rude and careless and wound up leading me to believe that Zoe needed emergency surgery. She told me the swelling could continue and that nothing I could do would really help. She said the surgery to remove her saliva duct needed to be looked into ASAP and that she would refer me to the college in our area for further evaluation. She said the swelling could start to impede her breathing and eating and offered me no advice for intermediate treatment and then she charged me for giving me nothing more than a hard time. She treated me like I was an unfit puppy mommy! Now let me ask you...if I didn't care about my animal would I have even brought her in?! Sheesh! I was pretty dang mad!

We made another appointment with a decent vet for this morning. She says that she believes there is something stuck in her salivary gland area causing the swelling and that it would probably abscess and hopefully expel the irritating culprit. So our little doggie is on a full course of anti biotics and gets warm compresses on the area for a while and is under lots of supervision. If it doesn't heal on it's own we may have to consider surgery, but for the time being we are just to watch her. She offered lots of advice and options and was wonderful to our furbaby. It was a much better experience than yesterday's visit with the vet from ****.

I haven't gotten much stamping in due to the running around with the pooch, but am hopeful to create some tonight. : ) I have included a photo of Zoe!

Be back soon! Hope that you have a great night!


Oma said...

I would be very tempted to report the vet from h*double hockey sticks to the proper authorities.

Bouncy, Flouncy, Fun,Fun, Fun said...

I agree with Oma. You should report that vet. I can't believe the harsh treatment you and your fur baby recieved. They are definitely in the wrong business. I'm glad you found someone elso to treat Zoe. I hope all goes well with the treatment.


Maria said...

We're an animal family too. We have two cats and two dogs. I'm sorry that you had to experience a vet with such terrible baeside manners. I had a similar experience with our previous vet but we tolerated her. She was so annoying and very condesending. We finally have a new vet and she is much nicer and more knowledgeable.

I had a horrible experience with a vet a few years ago. . .my precious cat Dori went in to be spayed and her spleen was nicked accidently. . .she almost bled to death and needed transfusion. She now has only half a spleen. But that's not the worse of it. Because she had to have additional procedures during the spaying(transfusion, additional surgery, etc.). . .the vet wanted us to PAY for the additional work.

We were sooooooooo upset. We refused to pay for it. She almost killed our cat and she expected us to pay for the procedures and medication to basically save the life of our cat! The vet was about to cry saying that the procedure cost a lot. . .we didn't care! She said "oh, I'll give you a 30% discount". Nope! We still refused. How could she ask us to pay for it. It was her mistake and she basically damaged our cat and possibly shortened her life. Arggh!!

Anyway. . .I hope your precious doggie gets better soon and won't need surgery. She so cute. Animals are like family. I understand how you feel about her.