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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday the 13th...Yikes!

Hello there! :) I must admit that I am a wee bit superstitious! I won't walk over grated things in the ground. I won't pick up a penny that is tail's side up and I won't walk under a ladder (that last one is mostly due to fear of a tool falling on my head though!) I do however like the number 13 (it is my favorite!). I have never really viewed Friday the 13th as a negative thing! Fess you?! LOL Last night I was feeling quite the opposite though. We had quite a rotten Friday the 13th. My daughter's and I were involved in a nasty car accident yesterday. My youngest daughter is 11 and was riding in the back and my oldest daughter was driving and I was in the passenger seat. She is only 17 and was driving with her learner's permit. We came around a blind curve and met a pilot truck followed by a tractor trailer truck hauling half a house. The trailer truck was taking up both lanes of a small two lane bridge. There was nowhere for us to go so my daughter veered to the right and we made contact with the concrete pillar of the bridge. The truck then hit us on the left side. Both doors were dented closed so I had to pry mine open to get around to my daughter's on the other side. There is NO worse feeling in the world than to think your children may be injured or harmed. I was able to pry her door open (adrenaline is an amazing thing!) and get her out and get my other daughter out as well. Fortunately, my youngest was fine. My older daughter and I were taken to the hospital on back boards though as a pre-caution. We spent several hours in the ER and they did x-rays. We are all banged up pretty good and speaking for myself I feel like I have been hit by a dang truck this morning! We are all okay and I know that things could have been so much worse, but now I have to think about and deal with all of the practical things. I absolutely loved my van! We were 6 payments away from having it paid off. It about broke my heart to watch my hubby and son clean it out last night. It is completely totaled and will never drive again. I am, however, very grateful that my children are ok. The EMT's told us all several times that we were very lucky. The driver of the truck was ticketed as it turns out he was driving with an expired hauling license. The police also said they should have been out of their truck stopping traffic before the curve. Well, what's done is done. Life is funny like that sometimes and since I am semi-superstitious I believe that things happen for a reason and now it is up to me to puzzle out what this crazy reason could possibly have been. Here are some photos of my poor van:

This is the passenger side front where we hit the concrete pillar:

Another view:

Driver's side door where the truck hit us after we hit the bridge:

Another view:

This was a view of the front before they lifted it and put it on the wrecker:

My hubby pointed out to me that Friday the 13th is not an unlucky number at all, but actually a lucky one! We were all able to walk away from this so 13 will remain my favorite and newly 'lucky' number! So happy to be writing this post today! Be sure to squeeze the folks you love, because you just never know what life has in store!

I will be back soonest with something more fun and creative! Big hug friends!



Melina said...

Oh my goodness AnnMarie. Your van is so sad now. I'm so sorry you all were in an accident but I'm grateful to HIM that you are all okay. I'm SOOOOOOOO happy you are to make this post today after such an awful accident! BIG HUGS!!

Love ya girl! :)

Colleen said...

Girl, so thankful to hear you are all ok.

April said...

I have been keeping you and your daughter in my prayers. I know you'll get through this!