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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The last of the Convention photos!

Hello there! Hope you have had a wonderful weekend! We have been super busy around here! Just the way I like it! :) I wanted to share the last of my convention photos with you guys! Hope that I have not bored you to tears! I promise to start again soon with some crafty projects! Until then though here are the last of the convention pics:

On Friday night we went to the Joseph Smith Memorial building for a special dinner event that was hosted by the famous (and wonderful!) Linda Hansen! She planned a magnificent evening! The building itself was absolutely gorgeous! This is what we saw as soon as we entered!

This was the ceiling! Soooo pretty!

Jo and I met a wonderful new friend named Jen! Hiya Jen! We volunteered to help her with her swap the next day and were lucky enough to meet her early and have dinner with her! She was really sweet!

Here is Linda saying hello and getting ready to introduce the special guests for the evening!

Jarron Winder was the special guest! He sang and was very entertaining! :)

Here are 50 of us swapping after dinner! It was really fun!

Here is the Stampin Up! Welcome Wagon! This was one of my favorite parts of the festivities! Each morning as we entered the Main Stage all of the Stampin Up! employees were waiting to say good morning with high fives and hugs and they were all so happy! They were dancing and singing and having a grand time! So much fun!!

Here are Shelli and Sara doing a demonstration and cutting up! They did an awesome presentation! They are both very cute and funny and made a really great team.

This is Dale Filmore. He is the President of Stampin Up! He was hanging out in the hallway during lunch one day and I went to say thank you for such an amazing event and we had a nice chat! He seems to be very down to earth and just plain ole' nice! I love that this company is full of folks like that! We also had the opportunity to meet Aaron (whose last name escapes me...yikes!)! We shared a shuttle to the airport with him. He is the president of the Australian office. We had no idea until after we chatted with him for several minutes about convention and stamping! Nice people everywhere we went!! Love that!

Here I am trading my very last swap!! LOL 432 swaps and I managed to swap em all out!! It was so much fun! I think I made the exact right number!

Here is the Starbucks in the Marriott lobby! We went every morning...yummmm-o!! I have become quite fond of the Java Chip!! On our last day there things had quieted down considerably and we had time to chat with the barristas! They were all super nice too!

Here is Jo on the last day after the last session!

And me! :)

This was an adorable bear that was sitting outside of a chocolate shop at the airport! I happen to have a thing for teddy bears! I just LOVE them! I wish he would have fit in my suitcase because he was adorable!! I could just see him sitting on my bed! :) He did manage to lure me into the candy shop to make a purchase though! Yum! (Had nothing to do with the fact that we had 2.5 hours to kill at the airport! :)

And finally! The view of Salt Lake City from the window at our gate! Thought it only fitting that I end with the same sort of picture that I started with!

I had such a wonderful time! I am already making plans to go next year! Thanks for hanging out until the very end with me! :) I do promise to come back soonest with some crafty type posts! Have a wonderful day! See you soon!



Melina said...

I love all your convention pics AM! Thank you so much for sharing them with us! :)

Colleen said...

Aw, it looks like you had a blast! Thanks for sharing all the pics!

Kelly Haberstroh said...

I am so jealous that you got to go to convention ... I am hoping to get to go again soon ... even though I am only a hobby demo it is just as fun!!!

marsha said...

Wow AnnMarie, these are such treasures! Thanks so much for sharing, I feel almost like I was there (needed a little mini-vacation!).

Hugs, Marsha

Anonymous said...

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April said...

As usual...wonderful fabulous pictures!