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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Let the madness begin and a little thank you!

Good morning! :) Beautiful rainy Thursday morning here!  I wanted to share a little something different with you guys today!  In addition to our normal chaotic To Do's we have taken on a new project!  A BIG new project!!  Seems a couple of our kiddos are going to be moving home for a while!  Wooo hoooo!!  Our oldest is expecting a baby!!!!  He and his sweetie (and their two fur pups!) will be moving in with us.  Also, our oldest daughter is coming home for a while to help out with everything!  What that means to me:

#1) All four of our kids (plus a few extras!) will be under one roof again!!!
#2) We do not have enough space currently!!
#3) I can either panic or embrace the change!

But most importantly(!!!!)

#4) I am one lucky mama (soon to be grandma!)!! :)

After accessing our options and strongly considering going the panic route (LOL) we decided to do that embracing the change thing!  We are building a two story addition on to our current Ranch style house to accommodate our expanding family.   We 'broke ground' this past week and things are starting to happen!  I thought I would keep  kind of a running progress report going here! 

Let the madness begin...

Here is the before picture.  The addition will be added to the far end of the house (on the left side of the picture.)  Notice the two pups in the picture...they are supervising the whole project!  

This is that far end!  Pardon the mess!  We had to remove some siding to mark and measure some things.

Found this parked out back one morning!

Here the footer has been dug!

Thought this was a funny picture!  I am happy to say the truck did not eat him!  He made it out safe and sound! :)

Pour, pour, pour!!

Concrete filled footer!

Waiting for it to set up!  There is our Supervisor #1 surveying the progress!  So far she is pleased! ;)

Another angle!

Laying the block!

In progress!

Block is finished...phew! :)  

This is as far as we have gotten as of today.  This is one of the few things we are hiring out.  We will be doing most of the rest of the work ourselves!  I am both extremely excited and quite terrified! LOL  I will keep you updated as we go along!

I am all about the thank you so I thought it only appropriate to make our mason a little thank you note and some cookies! 

Hope that you have a wonderful day!

I will be back soonest with more to share! :)


Nancy said...

Whoo hoo! Looking good. What an exciting project. Congrats again on becoming a grandma!

I'm sure the mason will appreciate the card and cookies!!

Margaret said...

Well, my goodness! You will certainly be quite busy now! Can't wait to see the updates on the house and your thank you card is great! We've found that food is a good gift for workers! When we had a new roof put on our first home, I made soup and sandwiches and homemade cookies for the guys. They informed us they would work for us any day!