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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Thank you and a big ooopsie!

Hiya!  Ever get so frustrated that you literally just have to laugh at yourself or you feel like you might crumble and cry a little?!  I had a day like that yesterday!  I think we all go through things that cause stress and make us want to run screaming straight to a deserted oasis!  I had way more to do yesterday than I could have humanly, possibly gotten done (even with my super hero cape and tights on!).  I knew that when I was making my to do list.  (I am a big list maker!) I made it anyhow and thought I would just go for it and do as much as I could!  I was plugging away just fine and then one by one little things just kept happening that derailed me and by the end of the day I had far fewer to dones than I had hope for.  Not really a big deal! That happens a lot around here!  Caring for my gma means that our schedules must be fluid and we often just have to go with the flow! Also, not a big deal!  But then!!  I found that I had a little window of opportunity to stamp!!  Whuuuuuut?!  Yep, a small time scoop opened up and the house was quiet and the dishes were washing themselves and the laundry was all put up and the dogs were sleeping and hubby was occupied with a project of his own and I was headed straight to my stamp room!  I stamped!!   I needed a thank you card for a package that I need to mail out two days ago and I was going to get that marked off my list!  I was so excited!! It came together just like I saw it in my head and I was singing and dancing around the room!  I was a happy girl!!  I propped it up and went to check on the dogs (even sleeping dogs need to be checked on!) and when I came back I saw card that I made in my tiny window of time opportunity had fallen over onto the stamp pad I left open!!  Yikes!!!  Augh!  Nooooooo!  I did the slow motion run and grab like in the movies, but it was too late.  It was already a causality and there was nothing I could do! I'm normally pretty good about closing up my pads right away, but my mind was wandering and I left it sitting there open!  That will teach me!  Anyhow, back to the drawing board!  I made a new  card and laughed it off because really what else could I do?!  LOL  Lesson learned!  Want to see my card (and of course my big oooopsie?!)

I used the new limited time stamp set (loooove!) Thoughtful Branches and Sheltering Tree.  They compliment each other beautifully.

I love Fall and wanted the card to have that feel.  This just screams Fall to me.  Fall colors are so vibrant and there is that slight crisp in the air!  Good stuff!

Ok, on to my ooopsie!

*face palm!* I just couldn't believe it!  Oh well!  Life is such!  Make another and move on!

Here they are together!  I think I'll keep the ooopsie around for a while to remind myself that sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself and things will be ok! :)

Here are the supplies I used:

Ok, I am off to get some things done!  Have a wonderful day!  I will be back soonest with more to share!

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Margaret said...

Sorry about the Oopsie, but the redone card turned out fabulous! I love scene cards. Love the fall colors. We don't have Fall in the air just yet here in TX, but I know it's coming.