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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thinking of you, chicken!

Hello!  Oh my goodness is it ever pretty out today?!!  I just spent almost an hour outside enjoying the beautiful day and playing with my daughter's chickens!!  My youngest daughter decided a while ago that she wanted chickens!  So, she did her research, saved her money and bought herself some!  Funniest thing about order them and once they hatch a day later they arrive in the mail!! Our mail lady called to say there was an awful lot of peeping coming from a box with our name on it and we should come in!  She ordered 20 and got a freebie.  So, she started out with 21.  Sadly, we lost three right away.  The trip was just too much for the little guys. :(  My kiddo has turned out to be a great mama hen though because she has 18 happy, healthy peepers today!!  She goes out every day and feeds them and changes their water and moves their little pen around so that they always have fresh grass and new bugs to munch.   About a month and a half ago we had a chicken injury.  We all pitched in and have managed to nurse her back to health though! Yay!!  Her name is Henrietta and she is the sweetest chicken you will ever meet!  I just love her!!  Needless to say, she gets a few extra scraps from me when I dump the bucket for them. ;) She runs to you when you go to visit and likes to be picked up and held!  She is also a great listener! LOL  Hmmmm, guess I am feeling a bit word-y today!!  On to the reason you stopped by today:

I made this card from some left over scraps on my table!  Do you recognize that frame?  It is the negative of the Lattice Big Shot Die. I embossed it along with the card base, but left all of the Whisper White pieces flat for contrast.

I tied a piece of jute twine around it for a little bit of added interest.  It is kind of a busy card, but I think I like it! :)

Also, thought since I rambled like a nut in the beginning of the post I would share a couple of other shots with you!  This is our sweet Henrietta!

Just doing her chicken thing!

This is my adorable daughter the chicken farmer! 

Here is a picture of one of our cats (Rooster) who thinks she is in charge of chicken sitting!  She considered chasing them once they started getting loose (they are little escape artists if I hadn't mentioned that bit before!), but  one of them turned on her and flapped it's mighty wings at her. I think it must have scared the purr right out of her because they all get along very well now!!  No one chases anyone anymore! LOL

Here she is keeping a watchful eye on Henrietta. 

This would be her lounging in one of the chicken shelters!  What a goof ball!

 She is very sweet too!  If you frequent my blog you may recognize her!  She likes to help me take my pictures! :)

Ok, I believe I have blabbed  in your ear quite enough today!  I hope that your day is a wonderful one too!

I will be back soonest with more to share!  


Margaret said...

Very pretty! I love all of the embossing!

Henrietta is so sweet and Rooster looks like quite the guard cat!!

:: BlueInks :: said...

I love that you were able to utilize your scrap pieces. The embossing folder you chose lends so much texture - looks great!

Oh, I wanna pet the kitty!!! I love that her name is Rooster and she is the chicken sitter. Could not have planned that better if you tried!