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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Did you say shoes and purses?

   Good morning! :)  Did someone say shoes and purses?!  NOW you have my attention!  I like shoes...a lot!  I am not a big shoe shopper, but I always pay attention to the fun and funky styles and designs..  Bags now?!  I am most definitely a bag them!  I have oodles of them!  Too many...not enough...who's to say?!   Everyone can always use a good bag right?! :)

  Ok, so what do shoes and bags have to do with my post today you may be wondering?  Well, I am glad you asked!  I belong to a wonderful blogging group!  A bunch of nutty, funny, sweet ladies have gotten together to be a part of this group and everyone gets along so great!  Well our first challenge together as a group has been posted!  (I fess was me!  I threw down the challenge!)  After some name calling and much talking negatively about me everyone started to embrace the idea!  LOL  A couple of the ladies have already met the challenge (and beautifully I might add!) and so now it is my turn!  The challenge was to make a 3d paper shoe and matching purse.  Easy peasy, right?! LOL   I sent everyone a link to this tutorial and set them free.(( Tutorial by Terry and she is quite amazing!)) The challenge isn't actually due until April 15th, but since some of the girls have begun posting their gorgeous creations I thought I would share my version too:

I am so tickled with them, because they were just so much fun to make!  Practical, no not really!  Adorable...heck yes!!  Pinks and greens make me super happy so just on principle alone I like looking at them!  I added SU!s pleated ribbon and made matching flowers for the shoe and bag from circle punches.  Of course, there is bling on both the purse and shoe!  

Side view.  I made a tiny little heel out of a strip of rolled paper.  

The inside of the shoe (which really is more like a slipper I think!) is the back side of the paper.  The paper is SU!, but is retired and it's name escapes me. 

Every shoe needs a matching bag. It is the law of Physics, I think! LOL  Same flower, but in a smaller version and bling along the flap.  The purse is made from SU!s new purse Big Shot die.  Love that thing!! Handle is made from the pleated ribbon!

One more look at the two together!  Fun project!!  Thanks for playing along ladies!  You can find their blogs along my side bar over there------------->.  It will vary as to when they post their creations, but feel free to check out their blogs!  These are some seriously creative gals!

The group has made noises about torturing me with really hard upcoming challenges!  Although I am concerned I say to you ladies..Bring it! LOL  

Hope that you have a wonderful day!  I will be back soonest with more to share! 


Chaitali Narla said...

Wow those are gorgeous! Really pretty togethe and separately!! Whats in the purse?? (Please say chocolates :D)

Nancy said...

Very pretty! I like the flowers and the stripes. Also the colors are perfect. Both of my favorites! Great challenge AnnMarie!!

Margaret said...

OH MY CRAFTING GOODNESS!!!! While I am so happy to be looking at this and not cursing under my breath while trying to make it, I must say this is fantastic! Love your shoe and matching bag! Quite the challenge you set for them!

Pam said...

So classssyyyy! Can't wait to see your paper underwear! :)

Margaret said...

Those came out so gorgeous! I love the paper that you used and that cute little heel.

Carolina Little said...

AWESOME!!!. Can't add anything else... Just Awesome!!!

:: BlueInks :: said...

Shut the door! How cute are these?! Great idea and job!

Carole said...

I love the colors! That paper is so pretty and springy:) Yeah... what's in the purse???

Prema Grandhi said...

Wow, amazing what you did with the purse and the shoes. I wish I had them and I could actually wear them. :)

Patty Gorka said...

WOW, these are just amazing! The paper is so pretty and I love the ribbon, it's perfect for the purse handle too!