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Friday, January 18, 2013

Shadow Box tutorial! :)

Hello, hello! :)  How are you today?  I had such a great response from my shadow post yesterday (thank you for all the very sweet comments and e mails!) that I thought I would put up a tutorial so you can all make one (or ten!  Beware!! They are kind of addictive!) :)  Please overlook the lighting.  I am still taking pictures inside because everything outside is sopping wet!  Ok, let's get this show on the road!  Shall we...?

Grab a 12 x 12 sheet of card stock.  I used River Rock for my project yesterday which you can see here

Step 1: Score at 1/2",  1",  1 1/2" and 2". ** Please note that I have drawn over the score lines with a black marker to make it easier to see!  No need for you to do this part! :)

Close up of those measurements.

Step 2: Repeat on all four sides.

Step 3: On two of the sides make an additional score mark at 2 1/2" and 9 1/2" (until it meets last score line).  Flip card stock completely around and score the same on the opposite side.  See the fancy schmancy arrows for further clarification! LOL

Step 4: You want to cut away everything that I have darkened here.  It will be the 12 tiny squares in each corner leaving a strip of 4 squares and then the row closest to the long scored lines comes out too.  This will leave a tab on each corner.  See next photo.

Close up of what to remove.  Remove everything I have darkened.

Should look like this once you have cut away those pieces.

Step 5: Put Red Line Sticky Tape on all four of your tabs like this.

Close up of tabs with sticky tape.

Step 6: Fold all of the scored lines in towards the center.

Step 7: Add Red Line Sticky Tape to all four end pieces.  These will adhere to the box base.  Remove tape and roll edges into center creating your box frame.  Apply pressure so the tape adheres well to the box base.  It is okay to squash it flat to get a good seal.  It will fold right back into place with a little TLC. :)

Step 8: Once you have created the box frame fold tabs over the ends and adhere to box sides.

You should have an assembled box shape now!  Yay!

Step 9: I cut a 9 1/2" x  1/2" strip of paper for the handle and curled the ends into cute little curls using a bone folder.

  I stuck glue dots on the bottom of each curl and adhered it to the top of the box.

Here is your finished shadow bow frame all ready to be divided up and decorated!  At this point you could sponge the edges if you wanted a worn look or add little feetsies!

On to the divider!!

I started with a 12" X 2 1/2" piece of card stock.  ((This will be too long to fit into box so you will need to cut it down to fit neatly inside.   You should be able to get you long divider piece and one more small piece from one tub.  If you want more ssections to decorate simply repeat divider directions))!  Score at 1/2",  1",  1 1/2" and  2".

Fold on all of your score lines and add Sticky Red Line Tape to the end piece.

Roll into a tube and adhere end to base.  Lay flat to get a good seal and then shape back into tube.

This is what it should look like!

The divider placement is completely up to you so the measurements will be different for every box!  I used Tombow to glue my first divider in place and then measured the available space and added the additional dividers.  You can add as many or as few as you would like!

A different divider placement! 

Here is the one I made yesterday!

Here is one I made for Halloween last year!

**I saw a similar design for this box a long time ago online, but there were no instructions with it.    I went through lots of card stock trying to come up with a pattern! LOL  If this is however your original creation please let me know!   I would love to give you credit!  :)

When you make yours (and I know you will!) please send me a comment and let me know!  I would love to see it!!  Just remember...everything is in 1/2" increments!  

I think I covered all the questions asked here, but if I missed any or if you have more feel free to e mail me!  I LOVE hearing from you!

I will be back tomorrow with another size and variation of this fun box!

Have a great day!   


Pam said...

These are wonderful!!! The directions are great and very clear. Thanks!

:: BlueInks :: said...

You are so creative!

Athina said...

Great job on the tutorial and box! I would have never guessed it was not a shadow box you buy. Just awesome AM!

Dorlene Durham said...

So cute! I'm almost afraid to try one but I'm seriously considering it. I love new projects! Your tutorial is great - very easy and clear directions

Margaret said...

Fabulous tutorial!! Of course, now I have no excuse for not making one of these fabulous boxes!!!